Quit yoyoing,CHEAP SELL for YOYOS! Frantic,B grade Hectic, DV888 and lots more!!

ok so i’m quitting yoyoing , and
therefore , i got these amazing yoyos for cheap sell !!!

from top row left to right:


-White/black Legacy

-Goldern Frantic

-Blue/Dark Blue DV888

-888 hitman mod lime

-Blue Journey

-White Kickside

Detailed Picture will be provided upon requested!!!

Please offer your price either by replying this post or pm

Price can certainly be negotiated and discount can be given for more than one purchase!!

Most yoyo are in Mint condition since i seldom play with them or even touch them!!!

email: eugenebw1995@hotmail.com
msn : eugenebw1995@hotmail.com

feel free to pm or reply for any enquiries!!!

I like the frantic and the blue DV888. I will offer to buy them both for 65 dollars. And will also include a Fireball yoyo.

What year is the 888? Could I get some more pictures?

how much for the frantic 40? :o

how much for the legacy like is it badly used :frowning:

This thread is a month old. If he was still selling he would have bumped it.
Please pay attention to the dates. Also if you think he still has it and is willing to sell then PM that person instead of posting in the thread.


how much for the dv888 cuz its used ill pay 30 for a dark dv888 i really want it pplz be helpful and put a low price

can i buy the dv888 for 30 or 25$