Selling YYF 888x and Yuuksta. VERY LOW PRICES!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING DEAL!!!!

YYF 888x Violet 2010 edition. Comes with hubstacks and original box. 4 dent and multiple scuffs. NOTE: Thes mark have not affected the yoyo in anyway but itโ€™s appearence. NO VIBE! :smiley: Has very long sleep times. Asking $80 dollars for this yoyo! :smiley: YYF Yuuksta Blue Acid wash 2011 edition does not come with box Multiple dings and scratches only affected appearence Looks awesome while spinning. VERY VERY Small vibe. Asking $50 for this yoyo! :smiley: PLEASE BUY!!!??!?!?

.how bout 40$