Cheap CHEAP Metals, RARE 2007 SB 888 , Need money for EYYC Quick.

All for Sale QUICK, Will take most offers. Need money for EYYC

Blue/Gold Splash Superstar, Few tiny marks, With stacks. Dead Smooth -£30

YYF Primo , Some Marks, Dead smooth - £20

C3 Di Base - Dead smooth, but messed Bearing seat, can’t unscrew. £10 With any other yoyo

YYF 888, Proto 2007, beat, and has vibe, has stacks. - £20

YYF 888, Small bearing 2007 , 1 or 26 . Few tiny flat spots and scratches in cups from Factory. VERY RARE, Has Box. - £ 60

Will do BIG bundle deals.

Pleanty of feedback on UK forums + eBay.