FS: 6 metal yoyos. Nothing over $80!

Got some yoyos I’d like to sell. Most of them are yoyofactory metals. Paypal only, no trades.

Please be aware that none of these prices include shipping. You WILL HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING if you purchase from me. I only ask you to pay $5 and I ship priority. Not too bad of a deal.

ALSO: Buy anything for 60$ or more and get a free protostar


G5 Elite x2: $60 each, $100 for both. Each are in excellent condition, one has dice stacks and the other has z stacks.

07 888: Has a few tiny dings, nothing serious and it plays just like it came out of the box. A true classic. $60

Genesis: Powdercoated. A few dings, plays nice. One of a kind. $50

Superstar: From the first run to hit stores. Perfect condition. Another classic. It looks like there is a mark on the left side in the picture, I assure you there is not. $70

MVP: Paul Kerbel edition. Seriously one of the nicest shades of purple on a yoyo I’ve ever seen. Perfect condition. $80

That’s it, more pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23518971@N08/sets/72157629335752567/

do you still got the 888 07?

Do you still have the G5 elite? I am very interested in one but I have a question, does the elite version take yyf response rings or flowable? And if response rings does it fit the current ones or the older ones?



bump, avante garde and supernova sold.

bump, prices lowered