FS: Supernovas, Genesis, MVP, 07 888, G5


No trades, paypal only. I ship only to the US and Canada. Shipping is not included in these prices.

Pictures of every yoyo listed can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23518971@N08/sets/72157628868826757/

If you buy one of the supernovas, I’ll throw in your choice: Yellow northstar or red protostar.

-Supernova: Green/yellow acid wash with Siilver splash, perfect condition. $80
-MVP: Paul Kerbel edition, blueish purplish color. $80
-07 (OG) 888: Aqua blue, one ding. White delrin stacks. Plays insanely good. $60
-Genesis: Red w/ yellow splash. One ding. Plays perfect. $60
-Genesis: Orange powdercoated, some small knicks. Plays great. No hubstack posts. $50
-G5 Elite - From like 2007-2008, part of yoyofactory’s old premium collection. This G5 is super shiny, like mirror finished. Looks pretty nice. Has trans blue z stacks. Mint. $60

That’s it. Incase you missed it, all pictures here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23518971@N08/sets/72157628868826757/


superstar, california and mutant dna sold


bump, jonrob supernova, yellow northstar, and winning bird all gone



Look below ¥ my comment is in your quote

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