FS: YYF, BBYY, + more! (PRICE DROP!)


For sale only! Paypal only! Prices shipped to US.


(G5) #3

Would you maybe trade the Superstar for a lego called BrickBead’s Bounty? It is a large pirate ship. It is also unopened.


if ur fav yoyo is californi then why sell it?




Could I get the genesis for 60 or do you want to buy my K2J Warning Line… look it up at yoyonation under brand…!!

(laxdude99) #12

id give you 35 for the the b grade superstar

(srry about the low offer but thats all the money i have right now)


no thanks

(laxdude99) #14

thats what i figured


how about a k-padded speed dial and a hitman for the super star?
the sd is mint and the hitman has a few dinks put plays great!


id pay 55 for the genesis. is that ok? thanks

(system) #19