FT: SuperStar, Yuuksta, ProtoStar, PopStar, Aquarius, Legacy, Xodus 2.

Im looking for some Mint YoYos, here are the ones im really interested in:
Genesis, Primo, 2012 RockStar, SuperNova(Lite) 2011 DNA.
Thats pretty much all Im looking for at the moment, but if you have something else you would like to trade, feel free to offer whatever. :wink:

YoYoFactory SuperStar: $105
Mint, Smooth, and Plays Awesome. Pink Acid Wash. Now comes with Solid Yellow Hubstacks.

YoYoFactory Yuuksta: $48
Smooth, Plays Great. Has 2 marks on the sides, barely can feel, do not effect play.

YoYoFactory ProtoStar: $12 GONE

YoYoFactory PopStar: $9
Does not have a Standerd YYF bearing. Got in a trade, so not sure what bearing it has. But plays nice, and tiny vibe. Has a nice, clean satin job on the front and back.

YoYoJam Aquarius: $16
Not available in stores anymore, so kinda rare. Little snaggy, but still plays good 4A. Normal 4A marks.

YoYoJam Legacy: $11
Has an old, rusty bearing. Surprisingly plays good though. Near Mint.

Yomega Xodus 2: $8
Good for 1A and 4A. Responsive of course. Comes with a Size A KK bearing.

PM or comment me wiith offers. Thanks! :wink:

Thanks England1414 for making an unboxing video from one of our trades.
This is exactly how I ship my yoyos: (note that I only sent him the Severe)

I have a mint MVP, Genesis, and Supernova VK. That superstar looks really cool.

ive got a yuuksta

i got a Big-Deal :smiley:

i got a yomega hotshot!! lolzzzz

09 G5 is Traded. :wink:

ha, i hate mine :smiley:

Bump. Need to sell the SuperStar. :wink:

I have a 2011 gray dv888 with dings all over the rims (I went through 2 strings in a parking lot)

i think he said he wanted MINT YYF :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t kill me to try

The Thread has been changed, considering I sold my G5. :wink:
The SuperStar is now going to have to come with Solid Yellow Hubstacks.

I have a mint aqua violet splash skyline with yellow rice stacks. I also have a 09 888 gold with 2 tiny scuff things

Will trade SuperStar for a Mint Genesis, Primo, or SuperNova or SuperNova Lite.

Man why do u have to say that lol, i just got my MINT genesis Yoga Flame in the mail like 4 days ago, and i love it, but ive been wanting a superstar!!! omfggg! lololsadfmakjhfbglajkfbn ajkdfb… sry cody cant do it now bro, mabey later on down the road. lol

Will be adding PopStar, Yuuksta, and more Tomorrow.

Added Yuuksta, ProtoStar, PopStar, Aquarius, Legacy and Xodus 2. :wink:

ill trade u a dark magic, a firedog, and a fireball for the aquirious

A pair of New Fireballs (only been thrown 8-9 times each) one half is translucent blue and the other half is translucent green, same goes for the other one. Plus $5-7 for the Legacy; what color is the Legacy?

The Legacy is white. And im actually trying to get some Metals right now. :wink: