FS/FT: SuperNova Lite, Yuuksta, Primo

Hey Guys,
I have some YoYoFactory yoyos I would like to trade, sell.

Looking for:
Catayst or Super G
Wooly Marmont
Hatrick, 5Star, or Torrent 2
SPYY Rodian

SuperNova Lite

Mint, and I also Love this yoyo. Comes with a CT bearing. $90

Has 2 small scrapes on them. You can feel them, but they dont effect play at all. Great Undersized throw. Slightly Responsive and Vibey. $20

YoYos all together:

This is how I ship my YoYos! Thanks to d42kn355 for making an unboxing video of a package I sent him from our trade! :wink:

Thanks for looking guys! :wink:

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Dude, I knew u would be back >.> they all come back.

Free bump for returning

I will take the popstar if shipping is reasonable. tim

Hey sorry, somebody offered to buy the Popstar a little before you did. But if the deal doesnt work out, I will let you know. :wink:

SuperNova Lite is Gone :wink:

i would like to buy your popstar…im looking for a yoyo to practice satining on and the ct is a good package with it…i see youve started shaving off the paint for me. pm if you are willing to sell. thanks ~pillowite

Hey sorry, I was just making a deal with another guy. Im not completely sure if we are doing the trade or not yet tho.

ill buy your yuuksta for 40 …if it plays well and is in pretty good shape…
contact me at 970-227-7611
or email trent.mofo@gmail.com

Bump and added a video showing how I ship my yoyos. :wink: