70+ mint yoyos priced to sell.

All mint unless otherwise stated. All prices are firm, non-negotiable. Cash/YYR/Turning Point only.


Stardust V1-$100
Shinji Saito Leviathan-$100
Blue Acid Wash Ronin-$100
Purple/Gold Solaris-$90
Red/Silver Solaris-$90
Pure Gold-$150

Chocolate Brown OG Project-GONE
Military Green OG Project-$70
Wolverine BVM-$90
Mary v2-$70
MIP Pretzel Love 4XL-$70

Red Blasted Here We Yo! Skyline-$70
Green Blasted Here We Yo! Skyline-$70
Red 08/08/08 888-$120
Green/Orange YoYoPeople 888 (another one)-$120
Raw DNA-Yes, this was originally raw, not satined off-$100
555 G5-$70
Black Acid Wash Supernova Lite-$80
Blue Acid Wash Kentaro Superstar-$80

Green/Orange YoyoPeople 888-$120
Dark Grey Yoyopeople 888-$120
Highwalled OG Blue 07 888-$90
Sterling Quinn Skyline-$80
Red Yuuksta-$50
Magenta C13-$40

Red Jensen Superstar-$80
Team Edition Superstar-GONE
Winston Superstar-$100
Green/Blue Beadblasted 1st Run Superstar-High Offer $120
Winston Rockstar-$80
BTNC Supernova-$100
Gold DNA-3A Marks, but no Dings/anything that breaks the ano-$50
Ano Polished Stacked Genesis-$75
JonRob Genesis-$70

Prison Break G5-$70
Prison Break G5-$70
YYN Purple Star G5-$80
Buddha King G5-$70
Green Northstar-GONE
BombSquad Monster-$75
Black G5+±$80

Brown Positron-Near Mint, small scuff on one half. Very, very smooth.-$120
Red Positron-$140
Blue Winning Bird-$80
Blue/Ano Polished Silver Winning Bird-$80
Blue 2011 Darkstar-$80
Blue Halo-$50

Blue Battosai-GONE
1/2 Unengraved AYYA BvM-Offer
Orange/Yellow OG Punchilne-$75
Gold Dust Supra-$80
Pure Gold-$130
Pure XO-Very near mint. One tiny paint chip. So smooth.-Offer
Trainwreck-This is gone.
Higby Painted MK3-GONE

2x Gold Stargazer v2-3A damage, no dings/anything that breaks ano. Will probably only go as a set.-Ofer
Red New Logo Messiah-$180
Pink New Logo Messiah-$180
Silver Old Logo Messiah-$160
Red Gloss Stardust v2-$140
Pink Overdrive-Very, very very near mint. One spot where it touched my smooth hardwood floor and the ano smudged.-GONE
Pink E=mc2-Yes, the Production run. Another pic below.-Offer

Alien Autopsy 54-$125
Gunmetal Candodized 2011 Noctu-$80
Purple/Green NVx-$70
Red Pacquiao-Gone
Groovy TFL-Has some dings, missing a pad on one side. Will let go cheap.-$30
Polished Oxy 3Vo-$70
Enyo w/Sparkle Teal Cap Large Bearing FHZ-$25
Highwalled, Painted, Dual-sili FHZ-$25

1/1 Ano Polished C22-GONE

PM me your offers.

Which Superstars are still available?
Also is the Winston Rockstar still available?

Sent you a message!

I sent you a message regarding your Positron a week ago. I offered the price you asked for it. Could you please respond. Even if it’s just to say no. -Jeremy

hey man,do you still have your bombsquad monster?

will you trade a yyf speedmaker for any metal yoyo?