110+ mint yoyos priced to sell. Lots of good stuff, including Overdrives!


All mint unless otherwise stated. All prices are OBO. Cash/YYR/Turning Point only.

Will offer well for a Third Impact and Jealousy!

Not pictured, but for sale:

Raw e=mc2-$185 shipped

YoyoAddict Supernova-Offer. Super rare, super beautiful, not really intent on getting rid of this.
Gold/Green Acid Wash Supernova-$90
Kojo Boison Genesis-$70
Red/Silver Acid Wash Capped Severe 2010-$65
Purple/Pink Acid Wash Catalyst-$70
Red/Black Acid Wash Nova-$50
Jason Lee 888.11-$90

Red/Gold Trident-$110
3xYellow Protostars-$25/each

1 Gold Blink Left

3 Blue Overdrive, 1 Raw Overdrive Left

$185 shipped apiece. Don’t complain, this is less than Rewind would sell them for if they even had them in stock.


Purple Acid Wash/Gold Splash Supernova (Not Gacek!)-$120
Orange/Green Splash BBed Mutant DNA-$120
Black BBed Starry Night Skyline-SOLD
Red BBed First Run Skyline-$80
Black G5++ (Yes, another one.)-$80

Black First Run Superstar-$100
Wavelength Superstar-$90
Purple/Blue Acid Wash Superstar-$90
Black/Gold Splash John Ando Superstar-$110
Yoga Flame Superstar-$90

Yoho BvM-$80
Red/Black/Silver Splash Flying V-$70
08 Wasabi-GONE
2010 Orange Candodized Lio-$70
Gold Blasted RT-GONE
Tung’s Heart H5-$110
Blue Halo-GONE


Stardust V1-GONE
Shinji Saito Leviathan-GONE
Blue Acid Wash Ronin-$100
Purple/Gold Solaris-GONE
Red/Silver Solaris-GONE
Pure Gold-$150

Chocolate Brown OG Project-GONE
Military Green OG Project-GONE
Wolverine BVM-GONE
Mary v2-$70
MIP Pretzel Love 4XL-$70

Red Blasted Here We Yo! Skyline-GONE
Green Blasted Here We Yo! Skyline-$70
Red 08/08/08 888-$120
Green/Orange YoYoPeople 888 (another one)-$120
Raw DNA-Yes, this was originally raw, not satined off-$100
555 G5-$70
Black Acid Wash Supernova Lite-$80
Blue Acid Wash Kentaro Superstar-$80

Green/Orange YoyoPeople 888-$120
Dark Grey Yoyopeople 888-$120
Highwalled OG Blue 07 888-GONE
Sterling Quinn Skyline-GONE
Red Yuuksta-$50
Magenta C13-GONE

Red Jensen Superstar-$80
Team Edition Superstar-GONE
Winston Superstar-$100
Green/Blue Beadblasted 1st Run Superstar-High Offer $120
Winston Rockstar-$80
BTNC Supernova-$100
Gold DNA-3A Marks, but no Dings/anything that breaks the ano-GONE
Ano Polished Stacked Genesis-$75
JonRob Genesis-$70

Prison Break G5-$70
Prison Break G5-$70
YYN Purple Star G5-GONE
Buddha King G5-GONE
Green Northstar-GONE
BombSquad Monster-$75
Black G5+±$80

Brown Positron–GONE
Red Positron-GONE
Blue Winning Bird-$80
Blue/Ano Polished Silver Winning Bird-GONE
Blue 2011 Darkstar-GONE
Blue Halo-GONE

Blue Battosai-GONE
1/2 Unengraved AYYA BvM-$170
Orange/Yellow OG Punchilne-$75
Gold Dust Supra-$80
Pure Gold-GONE
Pure XO-Very near mint. One tiny paint chip. So smooth.-Offer
Higby Painted MK3-GONE

2x Gold Stargazer v2-3A damage, no dings/anything that breaks ano. Will probably only go as a set.-$250
Red New Logo Messiah-GONE
Pink New Logo Messiah-GONE
Silver Old Logo Messiah-$160
Red Gloss Stardust v2-GONE
Pink Overdrive-Very, very very near mint. One spot where it touched my smooth hardwood floor and the ano smudged.-GONE
Pink E=mc2-GONE

Alien Autopsy 54-GONE
Gunmetal Candodized 2011 Noctu-$80
Purple/Green NVx-$70
Red Pacquiao-GONE
Polished Oxy 3Vo-$70
Enyo w/Sparkle Teal Cap Large Bearing FHZ-GONE
Highwalled, Painted, Dual-sili FHZ-GONE

PM me your offers.


mint blue raptor with side caps for nova

be warned if it is a deal i might have to back out




Then do not offer. If you want the deal then do it. If not don’t waste his nor my time.


never mind then i wont back out

ps: u guys are meaners >:( im sad :’( but happy ;D

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Sunny you shouold update your BST since you sold the G5++ to me.
Which i have not gotten yet :confused:




In your first pic, isn’t that an '09 Severe?

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