Selling the Newest throws minty fresh !

[/b]Heres my awesome collection, don’t worry this is just a third of all the i have, No trades, NO PAYPAL ! ! !

Blank label superstar- (2 in stock ) both mint love this throw! and the hardcoat, its crazy! 100 bucks

C3 darkstar mint with box color purple 80 bucks

YYF G5 555 edition mint color blue 80 bucks

Duncan freehand zero yoyonation edition version 2.2 yoyo 50 bucks mint in box ( i haven’t played with it )

i love yoyo enigma yoyo mint 90 bucks

Hugo z hor hugo z hor yoyo mint in…rat packaging 70 bucks

C3 halo color red with lots of designs 100 bucks

Yoyofactory 888.11 yoyo ( 3 in stock ) all mint 90 bucks

yoyofactory jk yoyo ( 2 in stock ) both mint color blue 15 bucks

yyf nova yoyo ( 3 in stock ) all mint colors 50 bucks

cold metals players gun mint 60 bucks

jazz yo + yo-cats regulus mint color purple 100 bucks

2009 i love yoyo falcon mint 90 bucks

Og spyy radian prototype yoyo mint 90 bucks

CLYW Wintergreen Peak mint in box 120 bucks Sold

CLYW 28 stories campfire

C3 halo restock color army green mint with box 60 bucks

yoyofactory G5+ yoyo mint color gray

yoyofactory G5 stripped edition mint 100 bucks

c3 H5 yoyo mint color blue

yoyofactory G5 color yoyonation edition mint color purple 80 bucks

Skylines :

Hong kong here we yo edition mint 100 bucks

purple large bearing skyline mint 90 bucks

green monster skyline mint 2009 edition mint 60 bucks

Sterlin Quinn/seattle edition mint 100 bucks

yoyofactory paul kerbel edition mint 100 bucks

[u]Spyy Radian Superlight yoyo mint 100 bucks[/u] being sold in question Gone

Foxland Presision kats meow mint color black 50 bucks Gone

spyy solaris mint color gray with red splash 100 bucks

YYF california yoyo not mint color red with dice hubstacks 110 bucks

OG YYF 888 yoyo mint color blue 80 bucks Gone

YYF Hectic mint 60 bucks

C3 Trident yoyo mint 90 bucks

General Yo five yoyo mint color red with black 100 bucks

Any happy yoyo air rider prototype mint 100 bucks

spyy stryker mint color gray with black splash 60 bucks

mutant DNA yoyo ( 2 in stock both mint ) colors orange with green splash and purple with green splash 120 bucks Color has been reserved Everything is Gone

YYF DNA team edition yoyo mint color blue with gray

Broken yoyos plug-in 3 mmint color silver 90 bucks

Broken yoyos sumo ghost edition 110 bucks Gone

X3 stampede ( 2 in stock mint ) 50 bucks Restocked 2 mint colors red and purple

General yo mini star yoyonation x general yo edition mint color red

I love yoyo EINS pearl edition mint 100 bucks

YYF OG superstar Beadblasted edition mint color green and blue 110 bucks Desided to keep

YYF skylines ( 3 in stock all mint ) colors blue and yellow 80 bucks each

YYF steve brown edition severe mint color red and blue 110 bucks

Turning point Turning point yoyo ( 1 in stock now both mint ) 60 bucks

One drop project Gold edition mint 70 bucks

C3 halo (gold hub) mint 50 bucks Gone

OG one-drop project mint 100 bucksGone

VS NYYC sky walker mint 100 bucks Gone

OG milk yoyo mint color black 50 bucks

I love yoyo fury, not mint has a pinprick 75 bucks

I love yoyo sakura mint 90 bucks

Kyo numb yoyo mint 60 bucks

Yoyofactory Steve Brown edition 888 mint 150 bucks

yoyojam destiny mint color green 30 bucks gone

Yoyofactory prototype Cailifornia mint number 3/50 90 bucks

Yoyofactory G5 prison edition mint 90 bucks

Yoyofactory G5 2nd run silver swirl mint 90 bucks

Yomega Blazer mint color purple mint 60 bucks

one drop Markmont Next mint 110 bucks

Hulk smash edition peak mint 120 bucks Gone

Adegle Rhong To mint color light gray and gold 90 bucks Gone

sabastain brock edition peak 120 mint (2) in stock Both Gone

maple drip peak mint 120 bucks ( 2 in stock now) Gone

B.I.O industries The Gear (green) not mint has one small ding 100 bucks

spyy radian gen 2 mint (blue silver splash) mint 100 bucks

spyy pistolero proto color silver (mint) 120 bucks

yoyofactory super G (color blue) mint 70 bucks

auldey virus colors red and gray (mint) 80 bucks bucks

OG bear vs man (mint) 110 bucks

mini star color purple and black (mint) 80 bucks

yoyofactory 44 not mint color green 70 bucks

cold metal nano blaster mint color red and black 60 bucks

oxy 5 mint color red 110 bucks

Madhouse lucky 7 yoyo 100 bucks mint

ocho 8 ocho (2) not mint has two suffs doesn’t effect play 100 bucks

OG spyy radian yoyo not mint has a few suff marks 90 bucks

yoyofactory C13 mint color black mint 75 bucks destroyed

sorry guys no pics :frowning:

changing this post cuz after our bad transaction, he made good. Not the throw I wanted but free none the less. So, all I can say is if is willing to ship first.(Make sure other party has viable feedback, not one with no feedback) Then whats the risk really. Good luck in the future. Hope we can do something in the future with much better results.

wrong, u could always ship first thats a rule i use when i have bussiness when i can’t provide picks :slight_smile:

for the record, its actually against forum rules to not have pics, you should find a way to put some up or the thread might get taken down.


WOW, i did not know that thinks for the advice i guess its about time i buy
that webcam

ILL BUY THE PEAK!!! I have the money when ever you are ready :slight_smile:

Seriously ive been looking for one for ages. Email me a few photos when ever you can.

Contact me on


I would like to buy the spyy stryker for $60 But send me a photo and Ill have the money by friday.

           Contact me at

Dude can i buy the Wintergreen Peak? Please email me

Guys, PM him. Don’t post on his thread

What colors are the novas?

bump ot toto

Ummm, needs pix.