fs/ft yyf spyy h spin ALL MINTTT OFFER ALL OF THEM FOR 120 SHIPPED


only paypal
The shipping cost is free only in specific yoyo
only paypal spyy addiction near mint 30 euro
spyy addiction 2 scrathes 27euro

spyy sky chaiser near mint 25 euro
spyy spyder 2 in box new!! 40 euro
spyy speed freak new !! 37euro
yyf 44 mint 26euro
yyf skyline mint 25euro
hpsin the cut mint 25 euro
hspin nvx mint 35 euro

!!! Prices are negotiable!!! for trade only yyf ,one drop or clyw and yyf severe plastic or metal,yyf onestar ph edition,protostar clear or smoke clear


This guy bails out on deals. He was supposed to send money for two throws from me and had me hold them so he could send the money to my PayPal, I’ve been holding them and passing offers for a week, and he won’t answer messages. Be aware of that.


i am stoping yoyo and i sell

supernova jeson lee near mint for 40 shipped euro
supernova 28spin edition near mint 40 shipped eyro
supernova black -silver mint 35 shipped
summit mint 60 shipped
2 genesys red-silver mint 30 and 30 euros
shutter black with box 27 euro
shutter blue mint 25 euros
rockstar blue near mint 35 euros

for all 200 euros shipped and i can sent it with courier for extra photo pm me

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