[b]For Sale only! I will not respond to any trade offers at this time!
please PM all offers…

All prices include shipping in the lower 48 USA–I will only ship over seas if you have more than 20 feedback, and with insurance and delivery conformation which costs about $30.00[/b]

Metal Hitman
, one of ten, very rare and very smooth, has some very light scratches from being raw-- I will not sell it for less than $400.00

Original Skywalker, mint with box, an amazing yoyo, $200.00–Gone

E=mc^2 mint no box $160.00

1 of 4 Black Essence MIB $140.00

Steptopus pre pro leg 2
, one of the best playing yoyos I have ever used mint with box $250.00

E1ns Pure, ILYY’s fist yoyo, uses a C bearing! a couple of pin pricks (has been polished since this pic), very rare yoyo $150.00

Dert yoyo, amazing yoyo!!! mint condition besides scratches from being raw, rare $150.00–Gone

54 Smoke monster ed MIB $90.00–GONE!

Original Team ed DNA, amazing yoyo, mint with box $120.00

Nickle plated Hany II, IMO the most under rated yoyos of all time, this is a rare ed, mint with box $120.00

Marmont Next, Mint with box, $90.00

Battosai, great little yoyo, MIB $75.00

Tiki gods mini yoyo, a one off, really cool little yoyo, I have two, so I am spreading the love, $60.00

Solaris, mint great yoyo $70.00–GONE!

Stampede In like new condition with container $70.00

Regulus Mint with box changed to sili, a fantastic yoyo! $100.00

Mint with pouch turning point Tarasqus $60.00–Gone

Cafe Racer Thunderstorm ed mib $65.00

Mint with box Buddha King $65.00

Mint with box Classic 888 $100.00

IlYY CB Falcon mint with pouch --$75.00

ILYY Josey Ann Mint without bag or pin --$50.00 Gone

Pre Pro Bully, with normal raw marks, great player–$60.00


3 yo 3 modded OG Butterfly–$30.00

Mini Motu– great condition no caps–Gone

Feel free to offer on anything in my collection-- yes this is current!( but I am a collector so do not expect to get any of my rares!)–>

If you have less than 10 trades/no sells or trades/ or even one negative trade, be prepared to ship first



If you have less than 10 trades/no sells or trades/ or even one negative trade, be prepared to ship first (I have over 150 trades on other forums… ask and I will be happy to link you to my feedback)…


changed post ;D


ik its ur thread and all but the prices on the skywalker and septo are really high mib works skys are around 150 and septo about the same price.


I just sold the Skywalker, and I am on the fence about selling the Steptopus, thanks for the concern, but if I keep the Steptopus that is just fine with me ;D


cafe racer is pending


I haven’t heard back about the cafe racer, so it is back up


Again, I am only selling for now.


Dert is gone


items are for sale only!


lots of yoyos left ;D


The solaris is back up, and the smoke monster 54 is gone


Solaris is gone

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