The fact remains, for the first time in a very long time, there isn’t a single yoyo I seek, that I do not already have. I have a YYR PerfectStar on its way, and a prototype E=MC2 (which is why I am selling my High-Grade raw example, below). I also have discovered that a couple of my YYR prototypes are, in fact, the prototype of the Mr. Butcher, and the prototype of the Z-On. I bought my 6 prototype earlier this year, and recently added a prototype Blink.

Gosh - I get the shivers just thinking about it! Still, if you want to offer a trade, I’ll entertain your suggestions like a gentleman who is glad to be talking to a fellow YoYoist. (I watched The Shootist, and decided I’m a YoYoist - no longer a mere enthusiast.)

I offer fine metals - but, first, here’s how to order:

PAYPAL to: I am asking an additional $5 toward shipping, unless the price is specifically marked, "shipped." [USA transactions only, unless you expressly clear an overseas transaction with me in a Personal Message.]

LISTINGS: The Top 40 Case needs space. I typically take healthy losses on my fine metals - it pleases me to help a player/collector experience/own a high end metal. I lack the skills to inspire with the beautiful competition routines many of you exhibit; so this (and, occasionally, knowledge) is how I love to give back to the community.

If one of my listed throws is a bit out of your price range, talk to me. By PM, please. I am sure we can find a pleasing deal.

PLEASE READ THIS: I don’t say “mint,” anymore, even when I believe something to be mint. Opinions vary. Some buyers detect “pin holes.” Some collectors simply have condition standards higher than mine. If I cannot find a flaw - there is guaranteed to be some guy out there who can, especially after he has thrown a yoyo new to him, and decides it isn’t a model he enjoys.

I do not guarantee you won’t detect some tiny vibe, in a throw for which I find no vibe. Nor do I guarantee you will construe or characterize a vibe I sense (and disclose) the same way I construe or characterize that vibe.

Let me say that a different way: What I call “vibe” YOU might call “pulse,” or “pulsing vibe,” or “vibing pulse,” or “typical vibe,” or “famous vibe,” “infamous vibe,” “YYR vibe,” “Peak vibe,” “moderate vibe,” “significant vibe,” “substantial vibe,” “vibe-to-love,” “vibe-to-hate,” “loving pulse,” “pulsating, throbbing …” whatever. Nor do I guarantee a vibe with zero effect on MY play, won’t send some other guy into an grand mal seizure.

THAT SAID, if I say a throw is “high grade,” you may rest assured that its physical structure and appearance are devoid of flaws detectable to me; or that the yoyo bears some factory characteristic I deem inconsequential to condition; such that many would call the yoyo’s condition “mint,” “NEAR mint,” or “as new.” I take pride in my thoroughness, and in the museum quality of my preservation methods. So if I say I do not detect a vibe, it means that this 51 year old yoyoist cannot feel a vibe, on grind OR string. When I describe a vibe that “does not affect play,” this means there IS a vibe, and it does not hinder MY play, MY trick and combo execution, or MY enjoyment of the yoyo along the way. I have no idea if a yoyo’s appearance or relative smoothness will affect your play or, if so, to what extent.

Bottom line is this: I offer superb deals on superb yoyos that many yoyoists couldn’t otherwise afford. Enjoy, if you can, the deal I offer.

And HERE they are:

SOLD. Raw E=MC2 by YYR. High Grade. [b]$115 shipped in the USA[b]. All raw aluminum has micro-thin lines, which I believe come from the factory. I do not detect a vibe on string or throw.

SOLD: CLYW Sasquatch, Team Edition. High Grade. $80 shipped in the USA. I do not detect a vibe on string or throw. Just making room in my case - and I like my Chiefs more than my Sasquatch.

SOLD. Liquid Platinum Gleipnir by YYR (polished by Ratfacedude guy, and Nickel Plated by BGSkills). High Grade. $135 shipped in the USA. I do not detect any flaws. I do detect a vibe, on string AND on grind. I am told this could be almost tuned out - not a guarantee. I neither mod yoyos, nor tune them. I shall leave that attempt to you. I do not guarantee you can free this Gleipnir of its vibe. I CAN tell you this is super fun to play with, and that I can get through my longest combo twice with it, and that it looks like I’m throwing lightning when I play with it. And I CAN tell you it is the most beautiful yoyo I own. I’m making case room for my Ti5, my PerfectStar, and my prototype E=MC2. And I CAN tell you I have more than $300 invested in this collector’s piece.

[b]NOTE: Of the fine metals I’ve listed over the last couple of months, the Blink, Overdrive, Gleipnir, Clash, silver Acrophobia, raw Maxbet, red Acrophobia, KLR by General Yo, silver (clear ano) E=MC2, and gold Blink are gone.

DEMONSTRATION OF MY PRESERVATION METHODS: I am asked about my yoyo preservation methods. This is a picture of my Top 40 case. I show it here for illustrative purposes only. These yoyos are not for sale. Rather, the picture demonstrates how I keep my throws in the finest condition possible.

Again, these yoyos are not for sale.

FIRST ROW: OxyTi 2011, 1-of-2 JWong Capt. America Double-Shield Chief, GeneralYo Torrent (Original, #47), 3YO3 Ti5 (#02), Levi Painted Plaid Peak (1st Run), Bison Peak (1st Run), Ti-Walker (#20), Wounded Steel GM2.

SECOND ROW: YYR Jealousy (Prototype, Never Produced), YYR “Take That” Sleipnir (2011), YYR Blue 1st Run Sleipnir (2009), YYR Pink Horse Sleipnir (2011), YYR Silver (Clear Anodize) 1st Run Sleipnir (2009), YYR Third Impact (Prototype, Never Produced, Gruntbull Anodized in Antifreeze), DreadnoughtG, YoYoJoker Eternity (Special YYRewind Early-Release “Skull” Edition).

THIRD ROW: Scarce YYR Mr. Butcher Prototype (originally called the Hiroyasu Ishihara Signature Prototype - 6 were made in 2011 and sold singly by Kengo Kido at the 2011 Asia National Contest - produced in a 2012 production run, and renamed the Mr. Butcher), YYR Red StarDust2 (2011), YYR Blue Gleipnir, YYR Pink Overdrive, YYR 44Clash (GreenBlast Model, 2010), YYR 44Clash (RedBlast Model, 2010), YYR PerfectStar (Raw, 2012), YoYoJoker Luminous (Special Edition).

FOURTH ROW: YYR Blink Prototype, YYR Blink (red), YYR E=MC2 (blue), YYR E=MC2 (pink), YYR E=MC2 Prototype, YYR 44 ClashCube (black), YYR Fragment (black), TP Positron (“Burnout” Model, anodized by Turning Point, 1-of-1).

FIFTH ROW: Scarce YYR Z-ON Prototype (originally called the Miyamura Signature Prototype - 7 were made in 2011 - produced in a 2012 production run, and renamed the Z-ON), YYR StarDust V2 (RedBlast), YYR StarGazer (1st Run), YYR StarGazer (PinkBlast), YYR Messiah (rare PurpleBlast), YYR Acrophobia (black), YYR 6 (Prototype), and TP Positron (Marcus Koh “Kill Everyone” Model).

Good luck!

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wish i had money this is so worth it lol
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I actually did, Deca my friend. Please check your messages. Also, you only sent one inquiry - followed by a second asking if I had seen your first.

To everyone who has PMed me today, I have been out of town, in a little rural area, spending the day with my 70-something mom. Please accept my apologies.


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Wow this is incredible that no one is buying a rare TEAM EDITION Sasquatch for 80$!!! Bud is a great guy and is offering you guys an amazing deal!!! Buy his yoyos!! Free bump!