More YYFS for $50 or LESS

I have 6 more yoyos that I want to sell. These are first come first serve with no holding for a week, so please don’t ask and ALSO NO TRADES! Please read full description and enjoy. Thanks,

First off is:
Rockstar - Winston Edition. Just bought from Yoyobrothers as mint but it has one little mark but it is not a nick. $50

Avant Garde - Spring edition, lime green with blue splash on rims. MINT $50

Shutter - Jason Lee edition, great throw MINT $35 by itself or $25 with another throw. SOLD!!!

2013 Superstar - California edition, if you haven’t played with a new superstar, here is your chance, they are awesome. MINT $50

H.O.T - Ain’t Nothin’ Edition, comes with a box insert that shows it was tested and signed (the card) by Harold Owens III. MINT $50

Luis Genesis - 7075 blue silver acid wash. One of the best yoyos made and i don’t expect this to last long. $50 SOLD!!!

Like always, If someone is looking to buy a Christmas gift for themselves or someone else and would like to purchase all of these in a package deal. I will take $220 for all of them.
Thanks for looking,.