NEW YYF Available


Just wanted to let everyone know that the new supernova is available and you get a new severe with it and that the wutang hot is available. i waited to post about the hot until after i got mine ordered since there is only 30 in the run


I am all over this. I sold a lot of Xbox 360 games on Ebay today, so it’s definitely going down. I think I’m getting that blue/black acid one. I’m going to add that sticker pack, with the free center trac bearing for $5, if that deal is still available. That BMX sticker is sick. YoyoFactory always gives you a bang for your buck. I’m all about that. Oh, and I get that collectible interlocking case with this Supernova too…I’ll have two cases soon. Cool stuff.

Update Edit:

I just checked out and went with the blue Supernova I described. I was curious if that $5 sticker pack that includes the Center Trac, could be purchased in multiples still at that $5 price tag. I bought a few, so I’ll confirm that you can buy at least two. I added 2 of those sticker packs.

Basically, for $100, I got the new Supernova with the collectible case, a Delrin Severe, 2 Center Tracs, and a few stickers. Lately, when I buy YoyoFactory…I feel like I stole something. And, because I know that I didn’t…I really like how that feels. ;D


Yyf learned their lesson. All these yoyos look amazing. (Looking at you Proton)
I am aching to get one of those new Genesis.

At the end of the day, I got myself a new yyf Supernova and severe for 90 bucks. I’m happy.


Is there any way to tell if they still have any available with the free Severe? I put an order for a supernova with the free severe option, but my e-mail receipt only shows the YYF Supernova.



Yep, on the drop down menu, it’ll say NEW-FREE SEVERE and then it shows the quantity on the left. You probably got one, because there are still some left in stock.


SWEET! i was hoping to try both these so this deal worked out!



The new Genesis looks great.


Interesting thing…it says the first 96 get the free Severe. When I looked at the options that said “NEW-FREE SEVERE” and added them up, there were way more than 96 in stock. :-\ According to stock now for them, there are still 96 left. When I checked earlier, there were about 20 to 30 more than that.


I noticed that too TA. Maybe first 96 for each color? I’m not sure about that though, but the Black/Blue Acid Wash is awesome! I probably wasn’t going to pick up a Supernova brand new, but this deal they have going is pretty cool. You’ve got to hand it to YYF for giving you great value for the cash you pay.


I got it. I got my hands on the new supernova and a Severe. I can’t wait till it comes (I have been wanting a Supernova for a long time. And I couldn’t leave the deal there


did your receipt e-mail show the severe as well as the supernova?


Perhaps it was first 96 of each color…you might be right. I agree about the value Big Cat. YYF is really proud of this new Supernova, and they’ve been on fire lately, so I can’t wait to throw it. I had a hard time choosing between the red and blue, and the old Supernova was red, so I went with blue this time. :slight_smile: Figured I’d mix it up a bit.

My receipt does not show the Severe either, but the option is still available…so we should be good. :wink:


I want the shutter and new genesis. I dont really want a new supernova, cuz it doesn’t look so different than the one I have.


thats a relief, i’m very excited!


I honestly don’t need the Severe, GIVE ME THE SUPERNOVA!


I agree. I’m swimming in Severes now. I bought a white and black long ago. Then, I got a Severe in a Pro Pack still in the box. This will be a second spare Severe. :-[


You can send it to me if you’d like :slight_smile:


I’ll take the other one off your hands :wink:


i can take teh supernova :wink:


^ You guys don’t miss a thing :smiley: At least one will surface as a prize in some contest on here, so it will be up for grabs on here sometime soon.