big sale CHEAPPP !!!

I accept only paypal NO TRADES !
Feel free to make me any offers !
Yoyofactory G5 Limited red star edition first run - 70$ shipped with some scratches … great yoyo my favourite 1 of 50 PICS:
I Love Yoyo Mary’08 - MINT 100% NEW YOYO 1 of 100 … 70$ shipped PICS:
YoyoJam Meteor + Dif-e-yo Wide load … meteor have 1-2 scratches, dif-e-yo too … both for 110$ shipped
Yoyofactory DNA - 70$ shipped … great yoyo plays like a dream near mint !
pic dna:

YYJ Super SpinFaKtor + YYJ Kickside - MINT ! - 30$ shipped if you buy something other

If you buy Everything i will sell you for 300$

i will post pics soon :slight_smile:

?! I thought the G5 was just 50 shipped like a month ago? >:(

You were a month ago…

Even if he did say 50 a month ago, it is his yoyo, and he can ask any price he finds fair.

no to be intrusive in any way but these arent cheap prices

Prices negotiable