Hey guys I don’tnecessarily have any yoyos for sale, I just need some input. You may stop there, but trust me there is something to get from reading this. I have a mint pink and purple acid wooly marmot. One of the original ones that came out last summer. I also have a mint yoyfactory black G.5, a dinged up G5 and a mint Alchemy CU. I don’t yoyo very often anymore and I think it might be time to sell some of ma throws. Tell me what you would pay for them and I’ll consider your offer. I’m trying to sell them individually seeing as they are pretty nice ones and worth a lot, or at least I payed a lot for them. I am looking for money offers only, no trades, because I don’y yoyo anymore. I only want serious offers, and if your interested I can provide pictures, thanks!

Also feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think they’re worth.

Its always easier to sell yoyos when you have pictures. One of the first things people will ask for is pics so you might as well go ahead and get them.

Im putting up pictures soon, but please help me out!!

I’m broke now, but I would buy the marmot for 100$

your input is appreciated.

y r u quitting ? p.s dont do it ohh and tell me y r u ? :’(

Howmuch for the g.5?? im realy interested

dont leave!!!

and can i see some pics?


He said give a price and he’ll consider?

I was actually going to mention the G.5 anyways. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen good condition ones going for like $70 or so, but I’m not 100% sure on that. I’m currently trying to find it on Yoyoguy to get the original price, but their search sucks so if I find it I’ll come edit this.

I’d pay you the full price for the marmot, plus shipping!

Let me know


ill buy ur g5 dinged up for cks and a dmz v2

stop with the necro posting

You know that this was a really old thread

ill pay 65 for the alchemy