Ok so im selling four of my yoyos. Thats rights SELLING, and selling only. I have a caribou lodge pink and purple acid wash wooly marmot 100% completely mint condition, no dings, no scratches, no nothing. I also have an all black yoyofactory G.5 completely mint condition as well!!! Heres the prices I am looking for…

Wooly Marmot Comes in Original Packaging: 95$ give or take a LITTLE!
G.5 Comes in Original Packaging: 60$ firm
G5 (comes in BvM box): 45$ firm GONE
CU Comes in Original Packaging: 40$ firm GONE

Thanks for reading, PM me.
Paypal gets priority


buy this stuff


Don’t bump something when you put the post up the same day. Remember, “One bump a day, keeps the Mods away.” Also, it was sort of hard to read. Check you punctuation before your post. Also, to keep it organized, put a little description of the yoyo, condition, price, and smoothness, then put the picture of the yoyo below it.


Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. As you can see, i dont know what im doing here. I dont know how you are supposed to put the yoyo picture up and put the description under it. Could you help me with that?


I don’t know if this comment belongs here or in a pm, but please explain the difference between a scratch and a ding.
And your price includes shipping and paypal fee?


what i mean by scratch is a light mark on the yoyo that doesnt affect the playability, it has lots of scratches but no deep dings. what i mean by a ding is that the yoyo is deeply damaged and you can feel it easily. it doesnt have any dings




would you like some charmin ultra and half of a diet mountain dew for the g.5. i can ship to international because i live in chinapan.


Pm me, i think we could work something out (;

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