i have a yyf 888 for sale


this yoyo is amazing and condition is 10/10 Its 100$ new I only want 75$ and im open for offers its a great deal and I will throw in extras such as bearings strings sticketrs and laminated yoyo trading cards so I don’t check this as often as my phone so txt me at 1801 425 9078 and paypal only thank you txt me


you’re gonna need pictures or this will get delete. and only one thread can be up per user at a time.


Here’s the pics


Hmm, take a pic of the cup too, looks like an Aoda to me.


It’s a 888 I promise here’s another pic but it is missing hubstacks so I’ll do 70$


I really need money I can’t believe I’m doing this it doesn’t hAve hubstacks so I’ll do 65$ or maybe 60$(:

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looks like a stealth edition one, small bearing? Those are tight. Good luck.

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