looking for 888s for trade or sale


im looking for 888 yoyos only.if u got one u wont to trade let me know i got a new 2010 skyline/a beef from werrd/a dif-e-yo JUGGERNAUT and a big deal yoyo from yyf if u wont to trade let me know and i well send pic. im looking for rare 888 yoyos and i well trade 2 to 3 yoyos for the one 888.and i got a yoyo factory contest team DNA that i will trade to


if u wont to trade let me know what u wont to trade for and what kind of 888 it is


I have a couple 888’s. I messaged you :slight_smile:


yoyojamben i never got your pm send it again


all yoyos that i had for trade r now gone sorryto thos that wonted them.but i am getting a brand new beef by werrd in a couple a weeks

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