WTT: Two 888s

I have, for trade, two '09 888s. I think I’m going to step away from YYF for the time being, so get 'em while they’re hot.

The first is the Aqua. It’s got some mild cosmetic issues, but plays just fine. The bearing on this one is stock SPEC, and completely broken in. Butter smooth. SOLD!

The second is Dark Blue. It’s mint. Completely and totally mint. With that being said, the stock SPEC bearing in this one is brand new. Break it in as you see fit. SOLD!


I’m opening the floor to trades, so please feel free to make an offer in this thread. Obviously, I’m not looking for any more YYF stuff, but anything else is on the table. I’ll throw in some Alchemy string to get you cookin’ should you take one, or both, of these beauties off my hands.

Edit: For those challenged by reading comprehension, I’m not looking for anymore YYF stuff, thank you. A million PMs, all for more YYF stuff. The ONLY exception I would make is for a Skyline.

Offer me anything else. Seriously.

Offering me hSpin stuff (especially a mint Pyro and/or Pyro Light) is going to pretty much guarantee we do business.


Should you come across the “New Breed” prototype, and feel the need to put it in my hands permanently, go ahead and take that Aqua 888. It’s yours.

are you willing to sell?

I’m not really sure. It would have to be enough to get me into something else yo-wise, as I really don’t need money. You can make an offer for one or both, though.

ill trad a x-convict but its bearing is pretty old and responsive you can just take it out tho and put a new one and other then the bearing its in good condition also along with the x convict ill put in a Buzz-On Element X
at 95%condition bearing good as new needs some friction sticker but even with that low response metal i think there called o rings so who about it for the dark blue.





et.com/albums/uu92/SmileForTheCamera_bucket/?action-view&current=P4161510.jpg" target="_blank">


im not sure if you can see the pictures but i cant for some reason click on this link and view the pics

and look in albums and all

i fixed it go to each of these links to view different views of yoyo

I’ll trade you the dark magic I got from Samad plus a broken in SPEC bearing and $15

You saw some of the stuff I have for trade…if you see anything you like, lemme know, I can throw in some cash too. I like the Dark Blue one.

Damn it I only got a light blue one. Is that okay? Cause I’m offering a mint conditon darkmagic, a broken in new SPEC bearing, and $15

It has a slight vibe. Not as smooth as those 888’s :wink:

i shall offer a mint legacy, however many yyn highlights you want (as long as its under 200 haha), umm and i will pay the difference with cash, not the best offer but its all i got to trade

Thank you for the great offers, folks!

Let me clear some things up, though.

Unless it’s a Skyline, I’m not looking for YYF.

Unless it’s metal, I’m not looking for it.

So Docrobot you up for the trade ?

no probably not

if your talking about me yes i still got both yoyos and i want the dark blue so are you up for the trade!

he is talking about the 888’s, I think he is only looking for metals.

ok i’ll trade you a Hyper Heavy Spinner Case that costs 40$ but at 95% condition its at 30-35$ and the Element x ill put up pics for the case but let me know if you in for the trade