fs/maybe ft(more added)

I’m trying to save some money so I’m gonna sell a few of my yoyos
first is the 09 888 aqua
it has a few of scratches around the middle and on the sides(can’t feel any of it), but it is dead smoothes (great for grinding)
65 shipped

I love this yoyo because it was my first 888, but I have 3 888 already

next is a mint PGM version 1

I want to keep this yoyo too, but I have a lot of yoyos already

next is a black/red small bearing hectic
two marks and 1 flat spot. you can feel the flat spot a little bit, but it is on the rims and the two marks u can’t feel at all
great play and grind very smooth(no vibe)

next is a light blue big yo
it has no vibe but the rims are all scratched up(came be satin down)

888+PGM=75 shipped
etc.( pm me up for the price of any combination)

I do not have permission to use my mom’s paypal
so I can only take money order
buyers must ship first

would only trade for a 5 star
maybe a aquarius

PM me if interested


How much would you want for the 888?

888 sold

I will trade an M1

no thanks
have one
I want to do a do not want list
but it will be so long…

ill do the pgm 1