**FS/FT 09 aqua 888 I NEED IT GONE NOW!!**

I got this yoyo near mint from jayyo and i dont use it anymore because i have realized after getting this that i like big yoyos not tiny ones
first are some pics

I got this for 78 shipped so ill sell it for 70 shipped

the only things that are wrong are
*the ano got rubbed off(strip shown in pic 2)
*it is a tad responsive because i didnt continue playing it in its breaking in period(i think that a cleaning or more playing will take care of that)

i really want to get this 888 off of my hands because i do not like the way it plays because it is to small and it being the most expensive yoyo i own i feel like im ripping myself off because i dont play with it :-\

for my wants if they are higher end metals i do not care if there is cosmetic damage as long as it is as smooth and as stable as it was completely intact
(in order)

superstar (i dont care if it has hubstacks as long as it has nubs)

g5 (needs to have z stacks)



m1 (mabye)

sili recessed takeshi fhz + somthing else

legacy+pgm+silirecessed fhz

anything else as long as its full sized or wide

please only continental US shipping and paypal offers

G5+? One major ding  :-\

Or smoke m1? (mint)

pics in here

Dude i’ll so trade you my DV888 for it And mine is the limited edition one so what do you say

Just to let you know, M1 and DV888 are both undersized, around the size of the 888…

^ yah i found out thanks for the heads up though