FT/FS: Video Game, 888, P2, GTO-T. what can i get for the rest of my collection

Will get pictures up eventually.  i use Facebook for photosharing

888x : nothing wrong with it.  just didn’t like it.  black with yellow hubstacks. siliconed.  small scratches, but nothing major and plays as well as it did out of the box.  better actually because the binds used to slip and the silicone fixed that.  i just need to make room.  EDIT: ok now there are just a few more dings.  like, 1 per half.  my friends suck.  just letting you know.  still plays the same.

Dif-e-yo GTO-T (pending) Minty.  comes with original box and two extra stickers for the response.  Does not come with kk bearing.

P2 (pending i got it and i just dont use it.  it is in pretty good condition.  the orange half is almost perfect, but the blue half has a fair sized scrape i got from when i dropped it while getting out of the car.  plays fine though.

What can i get for the rest of my collection?

Hatrick: blue ba edition.  what could i get for this?  there is one mark on both halves from the same hit.  one is pretty bad and kinda makes palmgrinds shorter.  otherwise, nothing is effected.

5 star: remember this one?  light green on both halves.  beaten to heck.  no axle or silicone.  it still plays well when fixed though.

Ministar:  you wont get this off of me easilly.  seriously, dont even offer unless it is an epic trade.  like 2 things from my want list and some cash.  it is that good.  red and black. B+ grade engraving, but plays like an a grade.  i mean it.  that was a flaw in the anno.  earnie said he made a mistake and still sold it to me as a B+ grade.

Bigyo: normal offstring damage.  i would like a fiesta or aqua or some good off string yoyo for it.  orange.

FH0 that i have not yet gotten from string burn live.  see the most recent fh0 string burn live episode for a review.

that isn’t all.  just the 888x and the dv888.

i saw someone doing this.  i have XboX 360 too.  all $25 unless stated otherwise:
Call of duty: world at war (i have 2 copies for sale.)
Dragon Age: origins ($30)
Halo 3, with or without map packs (without map pack $20)
Halo wars (what a joke) ($10)
Rainbow 6 vagas 2
assassins creed 2 ($30)
Borderlands (great game.  $35)

WANT: more stars means want more.  offer up though. 
any crucial yoyo.  *
ANY SPYY.  ***************************

did you try to use pliers to get out the X-ConVict bearing?

yes i did.

when you say it’s stuck, do you mean you can’t get it out without destroying the yo-yo itself, or you can’t get it out without destroying the bearing.

it was stuck. i got it out, but it never played the same.

oh yeah, and no one made any offers to buy. only to trade.
and sorry i still dont have pix up. i am out of town and i dont have any of the yoyos with me. :frowning:

my screwed up g5 is added

ill trade u a boss for the888 not evan used
new nthin wrobgdidnt like that much

i really want that g5

How does the x-convict play? A ton of vibe or what?

it vibes. i am trying to fix it because i don’t want to gip anyone with it. at the moment it is more of something to throw in. but i am trying to make it so it can be unresponsive again. i may try plastic surgery/metal makeover

So you want someone to buy your g5 for 60bucks and fix it then send it back to you?

no i will send it to whoever (there is a line) for free. then they try to fix it. if they can, they have a week to use it for fun. after that week and they don’t care for it too much, they can send it back to me free of charge and it will be sold at the $60 asking price. if the person who fixed it liked it and wants it, then they get a $20 discount basically and have to send $40 or one of the yoyos on my wish list.

if they cant fix the problem and they give up, then they will send it to me or to the next person in line.

thanx for clearing that up… but I would send it to modders…

hey! i pull out bearings with my friends new yoyos.it needs a trick that i can do.

also are you saying that if you sent it to someone and cant get it out they get to keep it??

but again i can pull it out real easy

No… what kind of idiot would do that…
He wants 40bucks

oh ok
i might buy it from you and i bet you 10 whip yoyo strings that i can get it out!(if i get it out you get nothing.if i dont get it out you get 10 free whip yoyo strings


dr.yo and you

lol get in line. there is a huge line and i can only ship stuff on fridays or sometimes teusdays. i cant ship tomorrow and i havent shipped to anyone yet

Hey I have some really good pliers, and I have unstuck some bizzers that I didn’t think was possible. I can’t guarentee much for the bearing, but If you will let me take a crack at it the 40 dollar offer sounds just so sweet.