FT/FS *here's what i got. UPDATE 4/8

FT/FS  US only please. all prices are shipped

feel free to offer on any of them. some will be a lot harder to get than others.  ;D

888x violet one small line near rim. dead smooth comes with hubstack set up - $70

SvsZB BVM. 2 or 3 dings only one is really big enough to care about. it’s a sad looking ding but it’s still smooth

wooly markmont - really smooth. siliconed. 110 (loud 10 ball bearing, but nothing wrong with it.)

orange northstar. minty

Starlite mint - MIA, thanks kurt.  :-\

YYJ Jamboo

Sterling Quinn Skyline couple scratches. dead smooth. $90

Punchline - pre pro. one dot/nick  :’( (you probably won’t be able to get this off me, but its here anyways)

hulk smash peak - few nick, smoother than the marmot that it was traded for.  ;D

Galactic Goose - MINTY MINT, very very little vibe 120 -

eneme with no axle or bearing one nick and a few lines that look like a pencil scribbled on it (hard to get pics of but i tried)  35

Modded MOYO States kickside - Smooth, both halves were o-ring halves that have been sili’d (signed by doc pop who designed the MOYO States Cap) offer

antique ninja turtle yoyo. yellow with pink circles and raphael on either side. the gap is basically closed and its pretty much unusable in my eyes. but its a ninja turtle yoyo so it’s awesome. offer



basically any clyw
28stories anything
turning point RT crystal
genesis (rarer the better especially 5amay editions)

i’m starting to ignore low ball offers. i’m getting to many of them to respond to. so stop it.  O0

wants added! that doesn’t mean you can’t offer others though



pmd about the split d

is the iron man wooly marmot still for sale? and can i has pics of pricks? i am purposely lowballing it right now but would you take $80 shipped for it? i’d go up to $100, but WAY low on cash right now srry!

PM sent

im not sure if i message u already but i would like the m1 and the yuksta

$95 for a genesis, really, you can buy a new one for 90 shipped

is the north star still avalible lmk thanks

oh that was supposed to be 85. thanks for catching that. i will modify it now ;D

any reason you KEEP ignoring me? I’ve sent you like 5 PM’s.

why are you ignoring me? I’ve given you some great offers on that split D and you haven’t replied once.

well my computer was not allowing me to send messages for some reason. i could type them out but they wouldn’t send. >:(

also, i will probably never give up the split and your deals were not very appealing to me. sorry for the inconvenience


what do u want for the galactic goose

Wanna trade anything for a Mighty Flea 2010 edition MIB?