Selling Yoyos

Wants -                                            Do not Wants
Money                                          Plastics/ Bi-Metals/ Delrin         
FG CLYW                                                    Vibe
CASH (USD) - Paypal as Gifted      Late shipping/Bad Communication
Konkave D-Bearing
Longboard / Parts


24k Gold Plated Phenom Yellow on Black Acid Wash Colorway. Comes 10 Ball $65 Shipped

Puffin - FG - Blizzard   MIB - So smooth- $IDK (Cash Only)

Air Rider:

Foxy Moss Chief- Near Mint - $105 - Gone

G-Squared - Albatross (White marks are from 3a). I think it looks great.

[s]Factory Raw - Skywalker - D bearing [/s] Gone

Team Edition Sasquatch - anno burns/ scratches all around rim. Not feelable. 1 feelable Ding - traded

Loop 900’s -1 flatspots each          $30 Shipped


DM2 - PM if you want to see

KickSide - PM if you want to see

888x: Fast, fun, Abused. $40 Shipped

Torino - Gone to Hydrophidian

Chief Musket Edition  - Gone to GhostwireThrows99
Crucial - All You Can Eat. - Gone to Japhle [/b]
FG Avalanche (Idk the Colorway)  PM if you know. Gone to yoyoavenger
G5: GONE to BenM36

Gnarwhal Black/ Black . Near Mint - Gone -firm-
Dead smooth absolutely no vibe

I have another 7 positive trade counts, with 0 negatives, over at YYN:,105644.0.html

Give me a Master Galaxy Please ;(

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hey i dont have any of the yoyos u want but i have some xbox games or a 3ds if u want to trade but im interested in ur avelanche ill give you an awesome lynn fury and a maverick for the 888 and a dark magic 2 blue a little ding on the rim but its an awesome throw message me and we will settle a deal

USPS sucks ;(

Doo Doo taste like chocolate