N. United [FS/FT]: General-Yo, One Drop [LF]: Chief, Skywalker.


I am very interested in getting any Skywalker or a Chief. I don’t care about color or damage, as long as it’s smooth like it should be. I’ll trade ANY 2 yoyos here for a Skywalker or Chief.

Paypal only, preferably US only.
Shipping is included in the price.


Feel free to offer yoyos that are not on my want list. I may just surprise you :slight_smile:
(Items with more asterisks are wanted more than others)

General-Yo Axles****
Arctic Circle**
Any CLYW, besides Campfire***
General-Yo KLR*****
One Drop**
Protostar (Preferably Pink)****
Toxic Strings**
2012 Rockstar**


Burning Ember Code 2[b]: $105 $100 or trade. Don’t really want to sell, but I might trade. Smooth as glass, no vibe whatsoever. This is my all time favorite yoyo and I would only think of bundling it for a Chief or Skywalker, however, offer away. Has 1 ding and several scuffs and nicks. Comes with original box.

[b]BA Hatrick: Looking at around $80 $75 or Trade. Has several dings. Found a new axle for it. A tiny bit of vibe that can barely be felt. As I speak I am working on tuning it out.  There is 11 made of this BA Colorway, this is one of them.

YYE Dietz: $90 $80 $75 $70 or Trade. Butter Smooth, no vibe. Currently has a 10 ball bearing. I love this thing, it’s fast and agressive but is a bit too fast for my usual playstyle. It has some flat spots and one small scuff (pictured) that do not hinder grinds whatsoever. They blend in with the anno, which is awesome. The side effects have slightly oxidized.

B-Grade Ministar: $35 $30 or trade. (Deal Sweetener) Semi-Beat, worst damage is shown. Comes with original box. Found a new axle for it. Has vibe. But it is still a great, fun pocket throw that spins for obscene amounts of time due to the huge rims. Also helps you to be a more accurate yoyoer. This is the yoyo I used for the first year, and as this was the only yoyo I had, I learned eli hops on this. Tough stuff.

Hspin Icon: $25 $20 $15 $10 or Trade (Deal Sweetener) This is modder fodder, because: I’m pretty sure I got a defective one, this was very vibey. The threads inside the yoyo are stripped and the yoyo halves will tighten, but cannot tighten all the way (They get loose). Has some flat spots and marks. Also, one side is more bead blasted than the other. Does not come with socks. TL;DR: Defective yoyo, broken, modder fodder.

So yeah, offer away.


Bump. Looking for a Chief.

Hey pm me I’m on a iPhone I want to trade for the icon