ft/fs- aqua classic 888 ADDED gold rimmed skyline


[b]testing waters on these two yoyos.

US only please.

clyw(only bassalopes, bvms, and marmots)
superstar(only special editions)
stardust 2
skyy chaser

aqua 888 classic
dead smooth on grinds, no vibe at all, and dead smooth on the stacks. a great player, and it has 3 white scuffs that you can barely see at all.

yoga flame genesis:
its dead smooth. a great player. and the only damage it has are 3 small scratches on the bearing seat.

yellow gold rimmed skyline:
this skyline is my all time favorite yoyo, and im probably not going to let it go. but i just want to put it out there to see what i can get. but like i said. this one will have to take a good offer. it is dead smooth and has only a few scuffs. no dings. and they are very hard to see because they blend in with the shiny gold.

Heres my feedback:


Why do you want to sell or trade these yoyos? These yoyos are very awesome yoyos and they are very new.

Just curious…

Happy Throwing! =]


They’re his yoyos. Just because you like them, doesn’t mean he does.

(SR) #5

And he probably wants some new stuff, or some cash to buy new yo-yos. He probably has other yo-yo’s he likes better, and wants a change.


I didn’t say I want them. I just don’t know why people sell yoyos when they are new.

And thank you SR, that’s the answer I’m looking for…

Happy Throwing! =]


He never said you did.

What if they don’t like them? I’ve seen many people buy a brand new yoyo that came out recently, hated it, and sold it. What’s the problem with doing that? Are you going to keep a yoyo you hate, or sell it and buy a new one?


1: I have no problem with doing that, I’m just curious to know why, that’s all.

2: I keep my yoyos what I love.

Happy Throwing! =]


Well, lets go back to the original question, and give a clear answer.

He is selling/trading the yoyos because he doesn’t like them.


Oh! right…
That’s a simple answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

(JM) #11

Any interest in a YYJ Axiom with KK or Center-Trac for Genesis?


How much for the genesis?


how much for 888? pm me please ;D


pm’d if i could get prices that would be great…


PM me for the price on the 888 :slight_smile:

P.S. I live in Europe (Bulgaria)


hey i will pay any place in $60 to $80 for the 888

(Mitch) #18

So because they’re crossed out does that mean all the yoyo’s are gone? Because that Skyline is awesome

(system) #19