FS/FT: Genesis, Skyline, AND MORE!!!

I have alot of good YYF yoyos here.

*Green/Yellow Speckle Genesis-Would like to trade but will sell for the right price. Has Tiny tiny damage and is smooooooth.
*09 888-Would like to sell, around 80-85$. Maybe lower. If a good offer, I will trade. Its Gold and has a tiny blackish color mark that cant be felt and doesnt affect play.
*Skyline-Aqua/Violet Splash, and absolute MINT condition. A very smooth throw and comes with either Hubstacks, Ricestacks, or Nubs. FS or FT.
*DV888-Gray 2011 edition, and has some scuffs and marks along the edges. Wanting to sell it. Its still very smooth and will sell for around 30-35$
*NorthStar-V.2, and has a good bit of scrateches and marks but is still smoot. A bit of vibe here and there but still very good player. Looking to sell for around 25$



  1. ANY CLYW AT ALL!!! I will give any 2 of my metals for a Peak, and possibly a Gnarwhal. I will also give a metal and plastic or metal and the dv888 for a BvM and maybe a Campfire.
  2. YYF Monster
    3.YYF Superstar
    4.One Drop P2
    6.SuperNova or SuperNova Lite
    7.Pair of Loop900’s or Sunsets

you said the sasquatch isn’t for trade but are you selling it?

ill trade u my gnarwhal…

BVM badly scratch but no dings. No vibe, no problems just two big cirlce scratch on both rims. If ur interested on what it looks like Pm or Comment back =D

I have blue fiesta has offspring marks, very good for offstring

I have a Gnarwhal if u want it… or a PRO


How much for the skyline, 70? I also have an aqua 888x with a few marks, but they can’t be felt. its still the smoothest and best yoyo ive ever had. it has a kk bearing installed.