FT/FS: YYF 888x and free Yomega Dash

Hello ive decided to put my yyf 888x up for trade. The rims are satined, when i got it they were pretty dinged up. So i satined and polished the rims, and got about %95 of them out. Other for this yoyo plays amazing! IF you have ever played a 888x you already know how super smooth and fast it is! I love it. The dash was one of my first throws, its a bit scratched. Has no vibe at all and very smooth, this yoyo doesnt get much love, but its great for beginners to intermittent players. Ive cleaned and put in thin lube, its unresponsive, but can be a bit responsive thru advanced tricks, as it has rubber responses but, i sanded them down a bit, so its a little bit more unresponsive. But over all its a good yoyo. As far as trading, i will add this as a deal sweetener if the offer is just right. Its just time to try other yoyos. Also i make string, so if u give me a good deal, ill throw u a bunch of free string!! Heres what i want no order. I mean this is a good deal throws for one. Also if you have anything around the same price range, dont be scared to make me an offer thats not on here!

SuperNova or Supernova Light
Crucial Confection
Newton Concepts Battosai
Pretty much anything else thats comparable…


Hello im looking for a Yuuksta, a genesis or any kinda of clyw. I dont have much money but i do have a yyf 888x, here it is. Let me know if u have what i want and we can work something out!

Id really love to hav a Thunder Yuuksta, or a Kojo Genesis. As far as CLYW, Perfer a Gnar, but any clyw would do!!

i have a genesis and a yuuksta. genesis has a little vibe and the yuuksta is prefectly smooth. i would rather part with the yuuksta. yuuksta is black and has white streaks that i put on it. genesis has same streaks and is black and pink. i would put pictures but i dont know how, so reply and tell me how and maby we could work something out

after about a week I will have a black Throwback Genesis +, and a bright pink SB Bassalope.I may want to play them a little before I choose which one to part with.I may not want to at all…lol

I have a yuuksta its blue green and yellow and has a center trac. Barely any vibe with Satined rims WHich are not that messed up. A solid yoyo


ill take the Bassalope

i got a g5+ the discontinued black version, only played it once or twice.

let me kno

cmon u know u want them. so if anyone wants the 888x, ill throw in the Dash for FREE!!

Bump TODAY only ill throw in the Dash for free along with FREE SHIPPING! Really want ANY CLYW, CODE1 or ILYY

anything there for the 888x?not interested in that piece of yomega  :stuck_out_tongue:

pm sent, like i said 2 times, ill take the bassalope! hehe

no longer pending, trader backed out.

Still up for grabs 888x and a free dash!