FS/FT: YYF 888 '09 Aqua and YYF 44


Guys im selling my YYF 888 '09 and YYF 44. Im a trustworthy person I HATE SCAMMERS,one of the most trusted yoyo players in our country. I need money to buy a CLYW yoyo or some YYF,or if you have one for trade pm me for my details. I accept PAYPAL and WESTERN UNION,but i prefer paypal.
Just add $8 for shipping worldwide.

YYF 888 '09 Aqua-$70

-Very smooth
-NO wobble,dings,vibe
-Faded anodize (doesn’t affect the play)
-Very minimal tiny scuff (almost a dot)
-Comes in KK Spec Bearing
-Comes in White Hubstacks
-FREE Black Hubstacks
-FREE 15pcs. Strings

YYF 44 (mint)-$75

-Perfect condition
-Very smooth
-Comes in YYF Premium box
-Purple Acid Wash
-FREE 1 pair of CBC pads
-FREE 15pcs. Strings

for those who wants to negotiate the price,looking for these yoyos (used one may do):

Bear vs Man
Wooly Marmot
Supernova Lite


Im willing to trade both of them for a mint/near mint Bear vs Man,Wooly Marmot,Gnarwhal, as long as without scratch,dings,vibe,wobble. Come on guys,im not a scammer bad deeds messes up one’s life.

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