Red Marble Genesis couple of starches that u cant feel at all. Has one ding. yes you can feel it but its small doesnt affect the play. You can see it on the pics. Smooth and awesome.

Dv888 hubstack and satin rims. Blue 2010 usa made. Pretty good yoyo smooth. and kinda beat up. look at pics


MONEY!! ( i think i could use paypal )
Idk how much i want for it so offer.
2a yoyos with a side of little money
Raider ex, unleashed, or something
1a yoyos
Yoyofactory Yoyos
888X (in my dreams) lol
Hitman pro
YOyojam 4a yoyos
WOLLY MARMOTH (in my dreams) lol
Something cool looking
4a yoyos
or any good 4a yoyos
and stuff just offer

a yomega xodus 2 and a pair of fireballs everything is mint and the xodus 2 is black with red rims, and each fireball is half translucent green and half translucent blue

Sorry but only thing i want really as for 2a yoyos and Yomega yoyos are the Raiders ex.

I have a Yuuksta with like only one small scuff that you cannot feel, but if you throw it hard, and it is lopsided, it snags. That only happens when you try to grind, but play is great, if you aren’t a big grinder. It might only need a clean bearing or new pads. If you throw it straight, it is completely unresponsive.

Sorry i owned a yuuksta before not a fan of it. Really want the superwide, but no harm in asking. thanks for the offer

i MIGHT give u my 888x (has quite a few dings)

OMG OMG u just made my day! Lol lets talk.

I have a talent show coming up.
Gettin the gnar as soon as I find 1.
After I get it i’ll probably trade 888x
(I want card though

Ohh U can have the card alright but do u really have to wait? I mean gnars are coming out soon. By in a week gnars should be out by what Clyw said

Auditions are on the 5th so I’m gonna need it a little longer.

I’m still not completely sure if I’m trading still
I’m tryin to get 54 or hatrick

Is DM unresponsive???

i will trade my aqua 888x now.
i want the dm and the yellow genesis

Hey i have a Satined 888x and a Orange Northstar interested in any?

Gold 09 888 no stacks (sry) what do u want for it

Bump :wink:

how about 45 for the new genesis and ill throw in a dark magic 2 as well?

its gone sorry