F/S Yoyofactory Genesis and dv888

Hi, I am selling 2 yoyos:
1)Yoyofactory Black Hubstacked Genesis. Has 1 or 2 TINY pinpricks that do not influence play at all. You can hardly see them. The person I got it from said the axle seat’s 2 threads were stripped but I don’t see any difference in play (it doesn’t come flying apart ;)). I put in some teflon tape to tune it, but it still has a little vibe. Plays like new except for the little vibe.
2) Yoyofactory Blue with Yellow Splash Dv888. THE COLOR IS SICK!! Has 1 small pinprick that does not influence play. You will really like this yoyo (I am kinda gonna miss this one :’().

Looking for $85 shipped for the genesis and $45 shipped for the dv888.
Feel free to offer trades (would prefer mint or near mint yoyos for trades).