Selling or Trading YYF Dv888 and YYJ Speeder

Info on Dv888: Color: 2010 Red. Condition: 2 dents on one side of the yoyo and 1 little scratch mark on it. Plays Great! :slight_smile: It has very small vibe. Response: Unresponsive; requires binding. Bearing: 888 size. Overall: Awesome yoyo! =D Looking for a YoyoFactory yoyo or $40. Includes 3 dark blue strings. Info on Speeder: Color: Yellow. Condition: Polished rims. Very many dents and scratches but are hardly noticable. Has one missing plate(cap). First edition caps. Cap may fall out if hit on a hard surface really hard. Has teeny tiny vibe. Response: Can be pulled up if you yank the string. Normally requires binding. Bearing: Size C. Somewhat quiet. Overall: Fun! Looking for a YYF yoyo or $35. Includes 3 dark blue strings For both of these yoyos I would want $75 and I would throw in 10 extra strings for free!