LF:YYF ONLY!!!!!!!


Hey guys I’m wanting to buy or get every yyf yoyo that you can buy!!!Heres the stuff I need well want

-Pink Whip
-Green Velocity
-Red One
-Pink OneStar
-Pop star
-Green,Orange,And splash
-DV888 red or black
-YYF bearings
-Any yoyo string
-wanting to try some string just PM what you have


HEy ive got a red dv888 and some yyf black yoyo string would you trade any of that tell me what i can trade with you hope it works for you


I will trade the dv888 and sr=tring for your M1 ,or the shutter you have!


Your in luck I got a green velocity what you want for it

(H.J.Fras) #5

I have a green shutter. Near mint and plays great. No vibe at all. I’ll sell it to you

(system) #7