FT- lots of throws! collectibles-LF WMM2, Delrin 4a yoyos, STRING

BEFORE YOU MESSAGE ME! Make sure you have photos before you offer!!! If you ask me if I’m interested odds are I’m going to want to see photos.

Low ball offers
vibey yoyos

Would really love to trade FOR these items -----V

Blue string! Will trade one of my cheaper throws for a bundle of nice string!
Wooly Marmot 2!
C3 Teleport
Anything SPYY
YYF Loop 900 pair or 1080’s, Purple 2010 SEVERE, Role Model,
YYJ- Legacy 3, Speeder 2, colid3r, Legacy 3, C-Force, Classics
Yomega Glide, Dash (the new one), Maverick black with red splash, Prodigy.
YYR NEW Diffusion (yellow)
Yoyofficer! Especially the Jaeger!

Offer anything but lowballs :wink:

Here is a photo of all the yoyos I have for trade and sale :slight_smile:

YYJ dynasty, good condition great player!
YYO brave, some damage and light vibe, incredible player!
YYF Rockstar (gone)
YYJ Revival (gone)
YYC Spectrum, stripped vibes but still sleeps for several minutes if you are OK with vibe (mainly a deal sweetner).
YYF Genesis, has been one of my main throws for over 3 years, has some damage and light vibe, plays great.
YYF c13, RARE! hard to find pin pricks very minimal vibe on finger test(this one I’m not too concerned about trading).
Hspin NV64 pretty played I just recently acquired this, find throw! Hspin NVx (pending/gone)

I can also add $$ to even the value.

Any chance of an M1, Gold/Green for the skyline?

i sent u pics of heavy cream

i’ll trade you a yyj new breed and a popstar for your 2010 sevre

sorry, im trading him a heavy cream 4 the severe. unless he changes his mind… :-\

I never received pictures of the Taro Heavy cream.

No deals have been maid unless they say pending or are off my BST.

i have a chaotic, dou you still want one.
i really like to trade it for your genesis, and your DM2 if possible.

bump just added more. will be adding a raptor sometime soon

I know im gonna probably be turned down, but I got a Dark Magic. I’ll throw in 50 orange strings, and I’ll put six bucks in the package. My hopes aren’t really that high, hahaha.

I have a yuuksta with 1 small ding on it. Still perfectly smooth with no vibe. It is purple w/pink acid splash. I’m interested in the skyline.

Edit: i’ll send you or post a picture of it when I get home. Pm if interested

why did you thread just shrink? Btw this is lucasshield@gmail.com, I emailed you my yuuksta and protostar pics earlier

I have a raw supernova if u would trade for skyline

I hate myself bump

I just traded the skyline from this man and he traded his 888x away. No need to offer anymore

Ramona am I thee only one tell me, she said a your not thee only one but your the best Bradley BUMP BUMP

I want the superstar. I have a blue with copper color splash if you are interested.

Blue splash genesis I mean


Bodatius bump