Speeder, Dark Magic, and DV888 For Sale (Bundle Deals Added)

I find myself using these yoyos less and less. Ever seen Toy story? Toys want to be played with, so I’m offering them up to some new owners on the BST. Prices include shipping, paypal only please.

DV888+Speeder or Dark Magic for $50
Speeder and DM for $35
All three for $65


Red Yoyojam Speeder $25. I’ve played with this thing probably half a dozen times at most. The response is flowable silicone, and it used to have a starburst but I found it interfered with the playing too much so I just sanded it off. The bearing is the spec that came with my Gensis. If you’d like the stock bearing I can replace it for you. I’ve also placed some white yyj shims in the yoyo, I plan of selling it with the shims. If you dislike them they can easily be removed, though I find it plays better with them. Both caps are present.


White Yoyojam Dark Magic 25$. I’ve used this quite a few times, but I feel like I’ve taken good care of it. I put a flowable silicon in it, and like my Speeder I’ve sanded off the starburst. It has a YYJ speed bearing, and red shims that can be removed. Both caps are present.


Yoyofactory DV888, $35.I love this little yoyo, it’s just eclipsed by my Genesis to the point that I no longer use it all that much. Everything about this yoyo is stock, no modding at all.

If you are interested in any of these yoyos, would like additional pictures, would care to negotiate on prices, or just have more questions about anything please feel free to pm me.

PM sent ;D