My yoyos for sale.

Its sad to say that I am going to have to sell some yoyos due to car payments that I have to make.
The yoyos I have are these:
couple of “love Marks” green and stock

A YYF Ocho8ocho
It was loved to death

A M1 by Onedrop
Blue and green w/a few scratches

A yoyojam Lyn Fury
It is satined and siliconed, half black half purple

A yoyojam Blacknight
it is siliconed, it is Red

A yoyojam Mini Mo-Tu
it is siliconed and its white

A Duncan FHZ
it is completely stock (Green and Yellow)

A YYF Die-Nasty
it is stock (Red)

A National Yo-Yo masters Edition Dark Magic
It is siliconed and Dark blue

A YYJ Legacy it is siliconed

-other Items are:
A case

Here are all the pictures

Message me with a price. I will be very flexible.

pmed but if not that deal i will buy the dv888 for 35

i want the legacy

ocho8ocho sold yet?

how much for the A National Yo-Yo masters Edition Dark Magic?

Please keep all offers in PM. Never post an offer.

Thank you

This was a while ago Icthus

well this is a first

ill buy the case for $10-15 depending how many yoys it can carry:)