FS: Like new gray DV888 and purple acid wash Superstar

Bought both of these new from YoyoExpert about 1-2 months ago. I rarely ever use them. These have been babied by a 28 year old guy with OCD…so don’t worry that I may be some young kid who doesn’t take care of his stuff. I don’t even tighten my yoyo halves hard for fear of stripping them. ;D

The DV888 has slight vibe and comes with a new flowable silicone job. I can also include a set of YYF silicone pads if you want.
The Superstar is smoooooth as silk. It’s the smoothest yoyo I own.
Both yo-yos look brand new with NO scratches. Both come with cleaned and deshielded YYF bearings. (I know the Superstar has a 10-ball, which you DON’T get :slight_smile: )

DV888 is $25 shipped in the US. Superstar is $75 shipped in the US. I can ship internationally for a bit more. Paypal only. This is my first time selling here. I can provide Amazon seller feedback if needed.

Bump. Both for $90 shipped.