DV888 vs 888 vs superstar

So which of these do you think is best ( obviously for 1a), I want almost no vibe, long sleep times, and smooth play. Thanks ;D

The stacks on the Superstar will cause vibe. Same with the 888x

The dv888 will give long and smooth play, but being undersized, you could do better.

I would suggest perhaps the Champions Edition Superstar due to the lack of stacks. It will give you want you need. But, if the time is still right, get the Kentaro YYF Pro Pack. The Proton is what you want. Time is running out though!

I have a SuperStar and the dv888. I don’t have any interest in the 888x.

Hey guys, i have a dm2, supernova, and a genesis. Im thinking about getting a new throw… I was thinking about getting the dv888 aqua, but if I already have those throws, will I be disappointed with the dv888? I mean, are those yoyos a lot better than the dv888? Thanks guys

If you already have a supernova and a genesis then yes you will be disappointed. I really think its an over rated yoyo. I’d suggest keeping an eye on the pro packs yye is doing. I know I’ll be getting my hands on one.

No don’t get the dv888 but try to score the pro packs or get a yyj therory, c3 mo- viation,yyf severe, but there so many yoyos that it hard to choose.

Then should I get the severe? Do you guys know the pros and cons? Thanks guys!!!

have a severe it very good for 1a/5a but make sure you buy better pads since the pads on the severe ware out faster than other pads.

While I have the dv888, I see it more as a reference yoyo. Lots of people have it. It’s decent. It’s small and it plays heavy due to the massive rims required to get the weight where it needs to be. It’s kind of bland. Compared to many other yoyos, it doesn’t have the same apparent “underpriced” value that most other yoyos have. The dv888 plays for what it costs.

I’d say, if you want a challenge and a different experience, sure, go for it. However, I feel other stuff is better value for the money. If you like heavy playing under-sized, this is also ideal. If you’re looking for small yoyo to be a pocket yoyo, this is probably a great option but a little pricy. The Mighty Flea is too small, the PopStar, well, I just dislike that one. You’ll get much better performance over the POPStar. The Mighty Flea is so small it’s it’s own experience.

I’d say if you want something small-ish and metal, I’d say the DiBase would be a better choice even if it’s own money.

There’s also the C3 Token, which is the best “mini” yoyo IMO. I do recommend getting a string centering bearing, as it makes it play less snaggy. But, if you do get a Token, make sure you are careful about screwing and unscrewing the yoyo as it can strip easily. But, overall the Token plays great for its price and size.

No. My friend had it and as much praise it gets, he said it is way over-rated. YYF has much better stuff like the severe.

i own a Supernova and DM2, and i hardly ever touch my dv888. i bought it due to people overrating it, but eh… thats what you get for not trying before you buy.
the supernova or genesis are way better than a dv888, if you look at performance.
but if you do want to try something new, go ahead and try it out the dv888. its a fairly decent metal.

i heard great things about the Severe. seems to play like a plastic Supernova says many. but i never tried one, so if you like the Supernova. it should be a good choice for you!

get a c3yoyodesign capless. or if you can find one on here, a general yo model 10, majesty, or KLR.

C3 berserker is a very good yoyo or a yyj phenom/phenomizm

Best value here would be the Dv888, because honestly the 888 is just as good. The Superstar is alot better but if you’re looking for a really good value for your money the Dv888 is up there with the best of them.

So ironic because I just traded my Severe (Delrin) for an aqua DV888, I no longer have tilt problems like I did when I first had one.

Superstar is garbage, straight up. DV888 is nice and solid. For same price, you can find the new DiBase 2 though, and that’s what you should get if you want an affordable, small metal that kicks butt.

superstar i think

Well u have a genesis, so i think those 3 wouldnt be much better kf not a step down

have tuned my yyf severe and it dead smooths also I use a concave bearing