CASE CLEARANCE cheap dv888, protostar, speed dial. All mint in box. LF yyre, TP

So im trying to get my yoyo collection much more slimmer.
prices are negotiable
I will trade multiples on some yoyos
all prices include shipping
if you want pictures just ask and i will send them to you
heres what i have:

Protostar: Translucent green, mint in box, still havent been throwned. $28

Grey protostar half: pretty good condition, its pretty much a protostar half so…yeah.10? or trade

Starlite: very light black marks on the rims, pretty smooth, a lil’ responsive for some odd reason, bearing seet has a very small piece that came off but it doesnt affect the yoyo.20? or trade

No.9: green with large logo, weird spots from being in the sun for too long but it just shows gray lines that doesnt go through ano, 1 or two flat spots, no dings or any imperfections that go through ano, 100% super duper smooth, amazing. trade only

Throw monkey: latest pad recessed version, still in packaging and never opened, mint(Duh?), green with black rims. 17? no trades

Dv888: grey, still in packaging and never opened, mint(Duh?), latest version in that new black and blue box. 39? no trades

Speed Dial: blue with white rims still in packagin and never opened, mint(Duh?), latest version in that really cool box with that cool super hero picture on the side.33? no trades

meteor: red, beat to heck, nunchuck satin rim, not 100% smooth but plays nice, no caps. offer

gung fu
clyw gnarwhal or sasquatch or BvM or wooly marmot or avalanche or peak
yyr or 44re yoyos
turning point yoyos
bearings. i NEED new bearings
offer anything else

pics pl0x(:

bump. and which yoyo do you want to see?

id like to see the no.9 and the dv888

dv888 is 100% brand new so i dont think it requires any pictures. regardles ill send you pics of both the yoyos in about 1 hour or so.

actually the rules are to post pics of everything you are BSTing.
hope im not being mean to you.

i decided not to post pics but rather to send it to the person because for some odd reason when i try to upload pics on the thread there not visible

would u take a green duncan freehand kinda banged up and a yellow metal yoyo from china its mint for protostar

no thanks. im only looking to sell that protostar.

free bump