Have some YYF that are mint in box for sale/trad and 2 meteors. LF: superstar

Prices are negotiable.
I will trade multiples on most of the yoyos on my wants list
All prices include shipping.
If you want more pictures just ask and i will send them to you.
All of the yoyos that are MIB have been taken out of box ONLY to be tested for smoothness but all of the accessories and instructions are still inside because i opened from bottom.
heres what i have:

projam: white, no caps, mint

Protostar: Translucent green, mint in box, Crazy smooth, only miniscule hint of vibe. $30
front: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5611531848/in/photostream
profile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5610949443/in/photostream/
box: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5611529024/in/photostream/

Dv888: Grey, crazy smooth, MIB

Speed Dial: Blue with white rims, MIB

No.9: green with large logo, weird spots from being in the sun for too long but it just shows gray lines that doesnt go through ano, 1 or two flat spots, no dings or any imperfections that go through ano, 100% super duper smooth, amazing. will come with a very smooth YYJ speed bearing. trade only or $55?
some marks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5610959363/in/photostream
flat spots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5611538664/in/photostream/
profile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61663994@N06/5611537396/in/photostream/

meteor: purple, mint except for 2 tiny tiny spots where the ano faded and 1 mark where the anodize came off that you cant feel from hitting a car. as smoooth as it was when it was mint in box. will be a bit hard to get off me.  $83  pictures coming soon. or you can request immediately if you are serious buyer/trader

meteor: red, beat to heck, nunchuck satin rim, i cant get the bearing removed, not 100% smooth but plays nice, no caps. offer

KAMUI OR REXTREME OR EQUINOX condition doesnt matter
Stalker condition doesnt matter
gung fu condition doesnt matter
clyw gnarwhal or sasquatch or BvM or wooly marmot or avalanche or peak. preferably no more that 2 dings but i dont mind that much as long as its still playable. vibe is okay
yyr or 44re yoyos Especially V1 Stardusts and V1 stargazer. condition doesnt really matter
turning point yoyos condition doesnt matter
genesis, Especially Jonrob genesis condition doesnt really matter
phenom preferrably mint
interesting FH’s or FHZ’s
some of the old school crucials like milks and creams and also the OG metal tres leches would be cool too preferrably mint
NEED new bearings

20$ for protostar ;D

ill give u an hspin icon for the no. 9 or maybe my equinox but the icon plays really nice it has like 3 scratches

15 for the beat meteor?