FS/FT:Leviathan 2, MIB Dv888, MIB Protostar, meteor, and more!!. LF: money...

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I am mainly intterested in solid color anodizing especially gold, ãed, blue, and pink
Prices are negotiable.
I will be willing to trade multiple yoyos
If you want more pictures just ask and i will send them to you.
I can only do cash because i DONT have a paypal
side note: I do not want any offers on superwides. for some odd reason, i’ve been getting several offers of superwides.

speeder 2
Anything, just offer up

heres what i have:
all pics can be found in my photostream at

if theres something that you want to see or offer, just pm me.

projam: white, no caps, mint $10 or offer

Protostar: Translucent green, mint in box. $30 shipped

Northstar: Yellow, very very smooth with a hint of vibe, one or two light scratches, one small dent on the plastic that doesnt affect play, tuned extremely well. $25 shipped

Bigyo: white, normal offstring damage light black scuffs, plays great, siliconed. $10

Yuuksta:blue/green acid wash, small vibe, quite a few minor damages, a few dings here and there. $40 shipped

Dv888: Grey, mint in box $35 shipped

Leviathan 2: Orangeish goldish, EXTREMELY close to mint, has 1 ultra thin scrape on the IRG that is impossible to see /feel unless you look for it REALLY hard, an amazing throw, can’t stress how good of a throw this is, I assure you that this is not a fake, it has the littlest details that counterfeiters cannot produce and it also has the same weight as the authentic ones on yoyonation’s store. pics coming soon, or PM me if you are a serious buyer/trader. $180 shipped

meteor: purple, mint except for 2 tiny tiny spots where the ano faded, 1 white mark that you cant feel where the anodize came off from hitting a wall and 1 mark where the anodize came off that you cant feel from hitting a car. as smoooth as it was when it was mint in box.  $75 shipped  pictures coming soon. or you can request immediately if you are serious buyer/trader


free bump for being so awsome at every style.
you haev some very high wants. btw why sell slephnir?

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i would only sell the sleipnir in person so that the other person doesnt get mad cause my sleipnirs is sort of special ed. and im not expecting to get some of the things on the list, mainly just trying to sell the three yyf’s.

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