YoYo Factory DV888
Rims and Walls are Satin Finish’d
Very Very Very Slight Minimal Vibe/Wobble
Very Small Dings
Does Not Affect Play
Otherwise Completely SMOOTH , GREAT Player

*i can take additional pics if you want
*i have feedback on
*thanks for looking Afro

Hmm… How much you want? And will you accept trades?

yes i am accepting trades.
i am mainly looking for trades ;D

I have an 09 G5


That I would trade for it. Would you even consider it?

no thanks .
but thanks for the interest.
bummmmmmmp !

Hey, whats a dv888? I’ve heard people on the forum talk about them but
I don’t know what it is.

keep spinning


The DV888 is a “cross-breed” yoyo. YYF have made a yoyo uniting the features of the DV8 and the 888. It’s basically a flat-rimmed 888.

Addment: I don’t think it has hubstacks though.

actually its just a metal DV8 doesnt really have anything to do with an 888. they just called it that.

how about a mini motu with a dif e yo concave bearing

how is it modded

Looks like the rims are polished.

I have an X convict, 2 lynfurys, a DM, PGM, 2 silid FHZs, legacy, Aquarias Id trade.
Any of those interest you?
you can pick more then one.

MAAAD NIIICE DV888!!! bumpage

how bout i just spraypaint my catch 22 orange and throw it in a pool then trade you it for that jank?
sounds nice huh? catch 22’s suck anyways

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I know those are all plastics, but I have some money too if you would be willing. Just give me a price, maybe money and a yo-yo!