Selling all my yoyos! 888,888,888,g5,superstar,chaz project. ALL FOR $150!!!

So I decided to sell all my yoyos… Except my Skyline. I gotta keep that one lol.

888 (B grade)- $40- Has a few scratches, but is definatly one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever played.

888 (Raw)- $40- May have scratches. Can’t tell due to “rawness” lol. This is a cool lookin yoyo.

SOLD 888 (splash)- $60- Limited edition I believe. Has one scratch on it

Superstar- $60- Big yoyo. Has a couple scratches, but still plays smoother then ever.

G5- $40- This was my favorite yoyo before I got the skyline. Has a couple dings

Chaz Project- $60- MINT. Best looking yoyo I have by far. Perfect condition

None of these yoyo’s have any wobble whatsoever. They all are very smooth.

Email me at

This is a steal.
Do you use paypal?
And do you ship first?

I want the project two alot

would you take a yuuksta for the 888 splash? the axle is stuck. but it plays fine.