Can anyone identify my 888?

So at worlds I traded my 888x for a black 888 and a blue Popstar. The 888 has a small bearing, and Dif-Pad sized recesses for response. Anyways, I like this 888, and was wondering which version it is. Let me describe it.

Solid anodized black
One laser engraving, the 888 logo in the bottom right on one side
Small, a-sized bearing
Dif-pad sized response recesses
What looks and feels like Delrin hubstacks

I know it’s not like me to post pictures, but unfortunately, I’m unable to load them right now. I’m intrigued by this yoyo, as it’s my favorite 888 I’ve played thus far.

It’s the Shadow 888.

Well, on a thread about identifying…

I have a gold/clear CLYW Chief. Is it not a blizzard? It looks like a blizzard to me.

Didn’t that have black stacks and logos?

Whoops. It’s the Stealth 888. My bad.

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It doesn’t have a highwall, but has everything else about those 09 stealth 888’s.

They were made back in '07.

That would explain the awesomeness of this thing…

Yep. That one and the H8H8H8 (Hate Hate Hate)were my favorites. It was an '08 though.

The guy who traded it to me obviously had no idea of it’s value in comparison to the 888x… He traded it to me because he wanted a “Shiny” 888.

Yea, yours is way better. Made in USA too.

888’s aren’t as collectible and valuable like they were a long while back. Most people nowadays haven’t played a real 888 not these made in china 888x’s. It’s a better Yoyo than the china one is but it’s not really worth a ton.

It’s still worth way more than he thought. Especially since he said he “Collected” 888’s.

It’s definitely with more than an 888x haha

I’d say it’d be worth more to someone who has played both. It definitely feels better, quality-wise.

Here was mine. This what yours looks like?

Exactly the same. Did you sell it to an 11 year old kid? lol

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Yep should be a Stealth. Stealth/Shadow are the only 2 non highwall small bearing 07 888s I believe? I probably should’ve picked one up when I had the chance but the last inexpensive one that I saw was around at the same time that I was super disappointed in my various highwalled 07 888s so I wasn’t in a mood to purchase any more 888s at all. I suppose the good news is that 888 values in general seem to have taken the opposite trajectory of Peak values so some pretty neat rare ones can be picked up for what I think are really fair prices.

Congrats on the trade, I’ve never played an 888x and have no desire to but I’d imagine the Stealth plays substantially better (I only own 07/08 888s and they’re all awesome) and it’s definitely worth a whole bunch more.

Jeez, he may have been 11 at the time. I sold it back in like '08ish. I have no idea who I sold/traded it to.

May have been a Root Beer Blizzard :slight_smile: Does is possibly look like this?