888 Review

Yoyofactory made this yoyo. The year it was made in is unknown. The 888 has won four National titles being won on the 888 including the USA National Champion in 2007 Yuuki Spencer who also took out the 2007 World YoYo Contest A1 title on an 888. The diameter of the 888 is 1.99 inches, the width is 1.65 inches, the response is silicone, the weight is 66 grams, the bearing type is a large bearing, the colors that it comes with is yellow and aqua, and the gap type is butterfly shaped. The goods of the 888 is the design, sleeping time, and hubstack time. The bads of the 888 is some times it will tilt to the side and it hardly grabs the string on a bind. The spin time on the 888 is thirty-five seconds and hubstack sleeptime is thirty seconds. The responsiveness on the 888 is very very good. The 888 compares to nothing it cant be compared to any yoyo it is the best in the market now a days. If youre a professional I really recommend this yoyo it is the best yoyo i`ve seen and it has won four titles this yoyo is the top of the line.It is awesome!

Nice review. To make it more responsive, put a K-Pad in there. How does yours sleep for 30 seconds when mine sleeps for about 3 min?

It was released in 2007.

It comes in way more colors than yellow and aqua.

Sleep time all depends on the throw of the player, as does tilt. The 888 that I had slept for minutes and never tilted. You need to work on a straighter, stronger through.

How does your 888 spin for 35 seconds? Even on a bad throw, mine sleeps for about a minute.

It was released in 07’ so it is lighter. And, the rest in in the quote.