YYF hectic(review)

YYF hectic
Diameter: 1.97"
Width: 1.37"
shape: H shape

so i just got got my hectic and im loving it! so
i decided to make a review.

right out of the box, this yoyo was awesome and unresponsive.
it spun for just under a minute which in my opinion is pretty good
(since my throw isnt the best) but after a lil while of playing with it
i got about 1:30out of it(i will work on my throw and hopefully get
more out of it)

i think this yoyo looks pretty awesome, i had my mind set on a
half black half purple but got an all blck instead, which still looks
good no matter what. an all black suites pretty much every coloured
string but i think it looks best with fluro green.

the weight is great and i love the feel, its so smooth and feels
like nothing is on my arm when i grind with it. oh and this yoyo is
also very small, almost as small as minimotu! the H shape is pretty
kwl, ive never had a H shape yoyo before so it took a lil while to
get used to.

this yoyo can do any trick i throw at it, grinds, whips, string tricks,
gyro… overall its great for any trick.

so to sum it all up this yoyo is pure awesomeness
and i’d recomend it to people who can do advanced tricks

this is my first review so
feel free to give advise on how
i can improve my review ;D

Cool, Good for a first review! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Not bad for a first review! Keep up the good work…

I think hot pink string looks sweet with a black yoyo

It was a nice review! ;D I could tell that you were trying your best. :smiley: But I would just like to give you a few suggestions to improve your review.

  1. I do not really reccomend using a score system. It is not really that accurate as each person’s(in this forum) criteria for the score system is different.
  2. Even if you want to use the score system, please elaborate more on your descriptions. For example, you stated this yoyo can do any trick i throw at it, grinds, whips, string tricks,
    gyro… overall its great for any trick.
    , but the score states 8/10. What deducted the last two points? Please be specific. And also, please elaborate on the shape and size.
    3)The ending statement is quite vague. I feel that you should be more specific. I do not really think it should fit everyone as different people have different preferences. I would suggest putting the ending statement in the format “I reccommend this yoyo to people who…”
    I look forward to seeing better reviews from you, azn pride! ;D

Nice review, however incorperate pictures :slight_smile:

I like the Hectic a lot! It’s my favorite yo-yo so far. I played with Yo-yo master Julius’s Hectic saturday and I LOVE it! I want to buy it so badly! Your review makes me want to buy it even more.

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