is the tactic any good? and what about.....

once again, i’m asking for some opionions. i’ve narrowed my choices to two. The Tactic, and Hectic. i know this may sound ridiculous but i want the hectic more, but i can’t find anyplace that has the graphic i want; black with red splash. Then there’s the tactic. it looks pretty legit. does anyone have any suggestions as far as what is a better yoyo?

The tactic is a traditonally shaped yoyo.
the hectic is h shape i think.
If it doesnt matter to you pick randomly. I dont think you will be dissapointed.

I have also been wondering if there is a review on the tactic, it looks good but idk on the rim weight

What are you talking about, the Hectic is one of my favorite yo-yos! Either way, I’m sure you’ll love the outcome, even though I’ve only tried the Hectic of the two. Get it, it’s amazing. :wink:

I went with the Tactic because it has a pretty normal shape that I know I like. I really haven’t had the best experience with yoyos that have shapes I’m not used to, so I guess I’m a little weary about them. But, I’m sure the Hectic is a great yoyo too, just not something I’m interested in right now.

Can’t say how well the Tactic plays, though, because it’s still on its way here ;D

no i’m saying it may sound ridiculous because i’m leaning toward the hectic jsut because of the looks :wink:

If you’ve narrowed it down to these 2, flip a coin or something. They both play great and are sure to please.
Some insights:
Tactic is traditional shaped
Hectic has H shape

If you’re leaning towards the Hectic because of looks, go for it!! Like stated before, you’ve narrowed it down to these 2 so it won’t matter anymore.

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tactic is better in my opinion

what about the BOSS!!!???
it’s sickk…

OR severe

YoYoBlaze got it. It’s up to you.

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again, thanks for all of your help. and sorry for doing so many posts. i just didn’t want to get a yoyo that sucked. thats why i did SO MANY POSTS. haha
but in the end, i’m going with the BOSS